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Business Development and Marketing

Business Development and Marketing

Your one stop shop for shipping and marine services

V.Group is a one stop shop, providing marine services for over 70 offices worldwide, with 30 years of contemporary marine experience supporting over 300 clients. 

We provide personalised solutions, adding value and reducing costs to help partners successfully deliver their strategies and projects.

Helping clients grow their business through our vast array of resources is what makes us industry leaders, utilising our global presence with local management of totally integrated management systems, which is web enabled for client access.

We have the greatest supply of crew around the world, allowing development and immediate trained resource. As the leading performer in ship management, our relationships with clients’ clients enable them to win business through our performance in the vetting of both wet and dry ships.

Our technical and marine management solutions are based on quality, continually delivered through our experience of contemporary operation, allowing us to maintain a compliant budget across our organisation to within plus or minus two per cent.

Being cost effective is a major benefit, which is something we are able to do as a result of our experience and innovative solutions, as well as our purchasing power on the back of working with over 1,400 ships.

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